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Super-Penetration Shovel

Whether you're planting some trees or burying a few bodies, the Super-Penetration Shovel ($120) will get into the ground with minimal effort. Made entirely from steel, this savage shovel features a tapered, pointed blade and fully sharpened sides to dig into even the toughest earth, an accessory foot pad that fits either side, and fully welded blades and handles for a lifetime of use. Also doubles as a startlingly effective zombie-killing tool.

  • Silky BigBoy Saw

    Get your overgrown yard in check with the Silky BigBoy Saw ($55). A whopping 14.2 inches in length, this multi-purpose folding saw features sharp teeth with four cutting angles down the length of the blade for smooth cutting of even the most challenging woods, a weight of one pound to keep your limbs from tiring, and a non-slip two-handed rubberized cushioned handle that won't wear down your soft, baby-like hands.

  • Crovel

    We're used to multi-tools that fit in your pocket, so seeing the Crovel ($85) for the first time was a bit of a shock. Named for its mashup of a shovel and crowbar, the Crovel also serves as a saw, axe, hammer, bottle opener, and more, letting you pack lighter while preserving maximum utility. Just don't let it fall into the wrong hands — if an axe murderer is deadly with his namesake weapon, imagine the damage he could inflict with this thing.