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The Football Fan's Manifesto

The Football Fan's Manifesto

If your life begins and ends with the last glorious 17 weeks of the year, then The Football Fan's Manifesto ($11) is for you. Written by Kissing Suzy Kolber co-founder Micheal Tunison, this 336-page tome is an irreverent, hilarious look at football culture in the U.S., from the obsessive and often wacky fans to the importance of having a solid fantasy name.

  • Twitter Wit

    Some of the funniest one- and two-liners we've heard over the last couple years have come from Twitter, so it's no surprise someone finally compiled a bundle of them for easy digestion. Twitter Wit ($10) is a 176-page index of some of the most noteworthy, hilarious tweets posted to the service thus far, proving that sometimes 140 characters is more than plenty to get your readers ROFL'ing. [Thanks, Eric]

  • Hangover Cures

    Everyone over does it every once in a while, and when you do, Hangover Cures ($10) will be there to help. Weighing in at a short but sweet 62 pages, written by veteran bartender Ben Reed, this guide to the morning after is filled with reviving recipes — including the always helpful bloody mary — expert advice, and cures from around the world.