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Victorinox Swiss Army Silver Tech Huntsman Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Silver Tech Huntsman Knife

Like the utility of Swiss Army knives but tired of their bland solid-color handle designs? Take a look at the Victorinox Swiss Army Silver Tech Huntsman Knife ($45). It packs tools including multiple blades and screwdrivers, a corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener, wire stripper, key ring, tweezers, reamer, and even a toothpick, all inside a stylish silver case that looks more at home next to an aluminum laptop than a camo-colored gun sling.

  • British Army Knife

    Made in England from solid stainless steel and sporting a no-nonsense look, the British Army Knife ($27-$32) is a fine pocket blade. Available in both two- and three-bladed versions, each one has a 2.25-inch straight blade and a hooked blade that serves as a can opener, while the three-bladed model also holds a pointed marlinspike on the opposite side to help with seafarers' rope work. [via]

  • CXXVI Scrimshaw Knife

    Want a pocket knife that stands out from the wood- or stag-handled blades of your father, yet has a more traditional look that modern multi-tools? This CXXVI Scrimshaw Knife ($95) should do nicely. Hand etched in a small workshop in Maine, this seascape scrimshaw is laid into the bone with black india ink and sealed with a double dose of wax to protect the design and handle. Way nicer than the so-called scrimshaw junk being peddled at the beachside trinket store this summer.