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WoodSnap Prints

Woodsnap prints are a great gift idea any time of the year. But around the holidays, they expand their offerings beyond the usual wall prints to include custom gift boxes and ornaments, giving you (or your favorite photographer) even more ways to share your photos. The Irvine-based company prints your images on sustainably-sourced timber, using a proprietary technique that infuses the ink into the wood. Each Woodsnap print is heat and moisture resistant, handcrafted in the U.S.A., and they even plant a tree for every print that is sold, but perhaps most importantly, they guarantee you'll love your print or they'll give you a full refund, making this a rare worry-free holiday purchase.

Presented by Woodsnap.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton

    Compiled using bones from three T-rex skeletons found in Montana and Wyoming, this Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton is a museum-quality piece of history. The skeleton is 45% complete, with 135 of its 300 parts in tact, while the rest are filled in with accurate replicas. Named Roosevelt, after the nearby reservoir that was built as part of FDR's New Deal, it sits on a custom steel armature and measures 38 feet long and 12 feet high — so you'd better have a Jurassic-sized room if you plan on putting this in your house.

  • Framed Tech

    Show your love for great tech icons by proudly displaying them on your walls. Framed Tech pays homage to outdated gadgets and vintage consoles by disassembling and arranging them into a modern work of art. Each piece is thoughtfully hung on a 3mm PVC mat and placed in a custom frame. From Ataris to iPhones, the collection has something to accommodate every fanboy.