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Base Camp Trailer

'Tis the season for sleeping under the stars and reestablishing your relationship with Mother Nature. The Base Camp Trailer is a towable survival station that lends a little bit of luxury to the backcountry. They start with a cargo trailer, fabricated with a steel tube frame and sheet steel body. A 250 watt solar pannel rides on the roof to power the water heater, LED light towers, and whatever you can plug in. If you need room for kayaks or a rooftop tent, you can opt for a 120 watt pannel mounted on the back. A camp chef's kitchen rolls out of the side and is equipped with a sink, gas grill, magnetic knife and spice rack, and storage for your pots and pans. Keep clean, even in the middle of nowhere, thanks to a built in shower with hot and cold controls and a pull out rod with curtain. Every trailer is completely customizable, so whether you're camping by the lake or surviving the zombie apocalypse, you can always be prepared for anything.