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Bkon Craft Brewer

While most tea drinkers are content just boiling some water in the kettle and waiting a few minutes for the leaves to steep — some want a little something more from their brewing process. With the Bkon Craft Brewer you get incredible speed (thanks to its vacuum brewing process) and infinitely-repeatable consistency, albeit at a staggering price. With the ability to program and store over 200 recipes, and a brewing speed of up to 60 cups in a single hour, it's the ideal tool for hosting a tea party, placing in an office kitchen, or just brewing your morning cup in a minute flat.

  • Amazon Dash

    For a long time, the technology to build a fridge that scans items when you're getting them out so it knows to order more has been available. But like with most old-school industries, fridge makers suck at technology. Amazon, fortunately, doesn't. And that's why they made Amazon Dash. This nifty — and free — gadget is designed to hang out in your kitchen, scanning or otherwise letting you say food items that you use throughout the week, automatically building your Amazon Fresh shopping list for you. Yes, it's the future — but for right now, it's only available in SoCal, SF, and Seattle.

  • Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

    The laziest cooking method of all time just got even lazier with the Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker ($100) — the first ever web-connected crock-pot. Adding to their existing line of connected home devices, this crock-pot lets you turn it on or off, adjust cooking temperature, and change time using their app for iOS or Android from anywhere. It's perfect for cooking chili, soup, and other common crock-pot meals, even if you're schedule is unpredictable, letting you turn it off if you're working late, or if you get stuck in traffic. With push reminders and the ability to calculate cook times and processes on its own, it takes all the difficulties out of something that was already pretty simple to begin with.