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Swisschamp Rosewood Knife

Swisschamp Rosewood Knife

Yes, they come in more than just red. The Swisschamp Rosewood ($145) is a classic Swiss Army knife — with all of the gadgets — in a terrific wood finish. This beauty packs in more than 20 tools, from a corkscrew to a ball point pen.
[Thanks, Mike]

  • Leatherman k502x Tool

    You can't be a man and not appreciate the usefulness of Leatherman's products. Unfortunately, some of them have grown so big that they can no longer be carried daily in a pocket. That's why we're eyeing the Leatherman k502x ($70). It's a sleek lockback folding knife that incorporates some essential tools, namely a bit driver (with six screw bit tips), can opener, and a carabiner clip that doubles as a bottle opener. Like Leatherman says: the k502x provides maximum usefulness with minimum bulk.

  • National Geographic Carabiner Tool

    This handy Carabiner Tool ($60) is great to have clipped to your backpack whether you're hustling around an urban jungle or a real one. It offers a Kershaw stainless steel knife blade with "Shaving sharp" edge, flat and philips-head screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and a quick-access carabiner body made of black anodized aircraft aluminum.