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Being a Cannibal

The rules of cannibalism are pretty straightforward. Clean your kill properly, and don't eat the brains, guts, or blood. As for whether or not you would like the taste, you'll have to find that out for yourself. AsapScience looks at what to look out for if you're eating other people.

  • The Sound of Blade Runner

    More than just background, a theme, or an effect, the sound of Blade Runner helped to create the world in which the film was set. Composer Vangelis created a score that helped bring the dialogue and visuals together in one cohesive whole — an unforgettable gritty and dark Los Angeles of the distant future. Here's hoping that Blade Runner 2049 remembers its roots.

  • Master Tailor to the Matadors

    Kings, queens, even the Pope — the wrappings of royalty hardly compare to the ornate dress of the matador. Antonio Lopez Fuentes has been handcrafting matador dresses for 55 years, cloaking those who make a living facing down 1,300-pound beasts. It takes months of preparation and mounds of material, but as Antonio says, if you're facing a charging bull, you ought to be well-dressed.


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