1967 Porsche 911S

Sometimes, when you can't find the perfect car, you have to build it yourself. That's exactly what Bruce Canepa did with this 1967 Porsche 911S. The original car was found in Washington state with a surprising lack of rust, and with all the original parts. The next step was a complete teardown. Every piece of the car was broken down, restored, and reassembled — from replating to repainting. A slight motor massage and a set of totally unfindable Recaro NOS racing seats top off the job. With almost no miles since the restoration, this a 911 that is more than ready to be driven.

  • Barn Find 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4

    Ferraris are raced, wrecked, customized, restored, and displayed, but they're never forgotten. Which makes this 1969 365 GTB/4 Daytona a contender for the Holy Grail of barn finds. A Daytona is highly sought after by default, but this might be the grand prize even among Daytonas: An aluminum-bodied coupe, the only one ever produced for road use. Its existence was only a rumor for decades until the car was finally located in a barn in Japan. Stashed away for almost 40 years, this Daytona is a landmark car and the certain centerpiece of any collection.

  • 1964 Shelby AC 289 Cobra

    The vicious 427 big-block Cobras get all the attention, with their sledgehammer acceleration, white-knuckle oversteer, flared fenders, and racing stripes. But a true driving purist accepts nothing less than the 289 small-block Cobra: The lighter motor up front makes the most of the British AC chassis, and all but the most masochistic won't miss breaking the tires loose and potentially destroying millions of dollars at the slightest nudge of the accelerator. This nearly flawless 1964 289 Cobra is a drivers car through and through. A fully documented history with over 27,000 miles means this a relatively affordable Cobra — that you can actually drive.

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