1999 Harley-Davidson MT500 Military Motorcycle

Believed to be one of less than 500 ever built, this 1999 Harley-Davidson MT500 Military Motorcycle is a highly rare relic of war. It's also completely original, and miraculously unused. Details of the MT500 are scant, but we do know that it's powered by a Rotax engine, was built towards the end of the production run, and is outfitted in military green with a plastic gun case and ammo panniers. It also has zero miles on the odometer, which means it's entirely up to its next owner whether it ever sees (street) action or not.

  • Aero E-Racer Motorcycle

    Looking much more like a traditional motorcycle than many all-electric options, the Aero E-Racer Motorcycle is a sleek compromise between a gas-powered street racer and a commuter-centric electric bike. It's powered by an electric motor from Tacita, maker of the T-Race electric rally bike, producing around 75hp, with a range of 40 miles. It sits on a tubular chrome moly steel frame, has a front-mounted GoPro for capturing your rides, and is finished with carbon/kevlar body work, an iPhone-based dashboard, and a roomy fine leather seat.

  • BMW HP4 Race Motorcycle

    Sometimes companies drop concept vehicles with tons of details and no hope of ever getting made. Sometimes, you get virtually no details but assurances a real-world version is coming. The BMW HP4 Race Motorcycle is among the latter. BMW Motorrad's president has promised that the production model will have the same full carbon fiber main frame and carbon fiber rims shown in the preview, but that's about it. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until next spring for more information, like when you can place your order for a highly-limited, hand-manufactured example of your own.

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