2015 Ferrari Sergio

Ferraris, by design, are rare. Their extreme performance, exotic styling and racing roots make them one of the most powerful brands in the world. Outside of Scuderia's purpose-built racing machines, this is one of the rarest Ferraris ever — and it was made in 2015. Inspired by the 2013 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio prototype, you could only buy one via an invite from Ferrari itself — making it easier to find a LaFerrari or Enzo than one of the six Ferrari Sergios produced. This is the first of six made, and it's also the first Sergio offered for public sale.

  • Lotus Evora GT430

    The most powerful road-legal Lotus ever is about to hit the street. The Evora GT430 takes the already-lightweight Evora and does what Lotus has always done best — shave pounds and improve handling, along with a significant bump in power. A supercharged version of the 3.5 liter Toyota V6 produces 430 hp, while carbon fiber body panels and aluminum and titanium alloys bring weight down almost two pounds under the base Evora. 0-60 comes in 3.9 seconds, along with the unheard of feel and handling Lotus has been known for since their founding.

  • 1995 McLaren F1

    Street-legal automobiles can be distilled down into several basic elements — seats, doors, motor, chassis, wheels — regardless of whether it's born in Italy and costs a fortune or comes from Dearborn and sells millions. But some cars are more than the sum of their basic parts. When those parts are made of exotic materials and assembled to be the ultimate publicly available road car, there's a substance that can't be replicated in a daily driver. Over 25 years later, the McLaren F1 still puts up numbers and exclusivity that rivals today's ridiculous hypercars. 64 examples were produced at $1 million each, and the one pictured here is the first ever imported into the US and is offered for sale by the original owner. A meticulous service history and 9,600 miles on the odometer show that the purpose of this car — to be driven — was realized.

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