It's easy to drop money on eco-friendly products — but maximizing your investment by using them repeatedly? That's another story. The 999Bottle ($30) aims to overcome this behavior by building a counter of three rings right into the bottom of the bottle, which you use in conjunction with an app to get a more easily digestible look at the difference you're making by keeping all those disposable bottles out of our landfills and oceans. Oh, and thanks to its stainless steel and rubber build, it doesn't look too shabby, either. [Scouted by Kevin]

  • Infinity Inflatable Kayaks

    If you love the water but lack the wheels required to haul a boat — or two — back and forth from the nearest water hole, try out one of these Infinity Inflatable Kayaks ($500-$825). Available in one, two, and three man versions, they feature rugged nylon outer shells, welded inflatable bladders, built-in seats, grab handles, paddle parks, an included handpump for inflation and backpack for transport, and terrific maneuverability.

  • Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot

    Slingshots aren't just for kids — they can also be deadly weapons, perfectly suited to situations where you might have run out of ammo for your other options. The Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot ($100) is a prime example. Designed by Uncrater Nicholas Pennington, it features an aluminum frame that's powdercoated or anodized depending on color, a tapered Thera-Band Gold flat band with a 16-pound pull and 28-inch draw, a leather pouch assembly for securely holding ammo up to a 0.5-inch ball bearing or .44 cal lead ball, and a paracord-wrapped handle for comfort.

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