A Curious Man

Believe it or not, in the early 1900s much of our knowledge of the strange and exotic came from one man. A curious man, if you will. A Curious Man: The Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert "Believe It or Not!" Ripley ($15) takes a look at the life and times of the cartoonist, millionaire, and champion of the weird, wild, and unexplainable. From his eponymous museums to the celebration of the weird in pop culture, Ripley's legacy is far more than you might think — dare we say it, even more than you might believe.

  • Craft Beer World

    It might sound like a wonderful place to go buy a six pack or two, but in actuality, Craft Beer World ($15) is a 192-page guide to some of the planet's best beers. Penned by award-winning beer writer Mark Dredge, it covers over 350 beers divided into 50 different categories, with an explanation of key characteristics of each. Of course, the taste of the beer alone is only one part of the experience, so the book helpfully includes tips on matching different beers with food, and how to serve up the perfect pint of whatever style you're looking at. Now all we need is a real store that stocks all of them in one place.

  • 1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die

    Do you love golf? We mean really love golf? Then perhaps you'll be so bold as to task yourself with playing all of these 1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die ($27) before, you know, actually die. Inside this hefty 960-page tome you'll find par 3s, 4s, and 5s of every kind, from the extremely challenging to the extremely beautiful, and many holes that are a mix of both. The only downside? We're guessing that these holes are also from a great multitude of courses, and it's not like you can visit a course and request to play only one hole — so plan on doing a lot of golfing should you accept the challenge.

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