Adirondack FireStone FireLighter

Leave the normal lighter fluid, newspapers, and tinder to the amateurs and get your fire going with the Adirondack FireStone FireLighter ($150). This set of fire essentials includes a durable stoneware pot to hold the reusable, porous FireStone, a cold rolled steel handle for the stone, and two bottles of candle & lamp oil. Just soak the stone in the oil — using the pot — roll it in ashes, light it, and place it under your firewood. Just like that, you've got a strong fire blazing that Herostratus himself would be proud of.

  • Opera Camper

    Folding into a low, sleek tow-behind package, the Opera Camper ($TBA) is like a pop-up luxury suite you can take with you anywhere. Elegant features include a teak veranda, two electrically-adjustable beds that can be combined to make for a larger single sleeping surface, a boiler for hot-water in the compact kitchen, a top-loading fridge with 36L of storage, a ceramic toilet, LED lighting, and a corian fountain with pull-out faucet head that doubles as an outdoor shower.

  • Portside Flask

    We're fans of nautical threads, so why not other accessories? The Portside Flask ($30) takes its design cues from the portholes on sea-faring vessels, with a window that lets you see the beverage inside. Made from stainless steel with a screw-off top, it holds up to 4 oz. of your favorite liquor.

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