Afire Mini Grilling Planks

Afire Mini Grilling Planks

'Tis the season for grilling, which means it's also a great time to start stocking up on grill-related accessories like cookbooks, tools, and wood. Yes, wood, like these Afire Mini Grilling Planks ($12). Sold in packs of four, these hand-selected 6"x7" planks come in black cherry, cedar, golden alder, and sugar maple, letting you choose just the right flavor to complement whatever it is you're cooking.

  • Grand Grill Daddy

    Nothing can kill a well-grilled piece of meat than flavors and char marks from patties past. Keep your grill in a state of perfect cleanliness with the Grand Grill Daddy ($60). Using a water reservoir inside the handle and a heated grill surface, it provides a steady stream of steam to loosen baked-on grit, while the stiff, stainless steel bristles scrub your grates clean. Granted, it's a little expensive, but it sure beats the elbow grease-powered alternatives.

  • Red Oak Grilling Planks

    It seems like everyone and their brother is cooking salmon on cedar planks these days, so why not try something similar with your burgers? These Red Oak Grilling Planks ($16-$24) come in packs of either four or eight planks, are scrubbable for use up to two times, and impart a savory smokey flavor to your already-scrumptious patties. Just don't get them too hot — word on the street is wooden planks are, you know, rather flammable.

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