Alice for iPad

Alice for iPad

We're not ready to call it the coolest iPad app we've seen yet, but Alice for iPad ($9) is the best illustration yet of the iPad's advantages over the Kindle when it comes to breakthrough reading experiences. Featuring every illustration from the original Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, these restored, full color images come to life thanks to a realistic physics engine and the ability to interact with the illustrations using the accelerometer and touchscreen. Sure as hell beats the Teddy Ruxpin we had when we were kids.

  • Secret Contacts

    Whether you're pulling double-agent duty or simply trying to keep the identity of your "hoes in different area codes" away from prying eyes, Secret Contacts ($2) can help. Masquerading as an innocuous tip calculator on your iPhone's home screen, this little black book shows its true colors when you enter a secret bill amount into the calculator. Just make sure your significant other isn't an Uncrate reader, in which case this won't be nearly as sneaky as you think.

  • Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II for iPhone

    Prepare yourself for the arrival of Final Fantasy XIIIpre-orders still available — by spending some quality time with Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II for the iPhone and iPod touch ($9/each). Significantly updated from their 8-bit NES counterparts, these new versions boast fully touch-happy interfaces, vastly upgraded graphics, and yet all the dungeon crawling, spell-casting, chocobo-riding fun of the originals. Just be careful where you play them — nothing screams "dork" quite like yelling in glee after a fierce battle while waiting in line outside the strip club.

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