Almond x Linus Summer Bike

This gives the term "beach cruiser" a whole new meaning. Developed in collaboration with Almond Surfboards, the Almond x Linus Summer Bike ($1,300) is based on Linus' Roadster Classic model, which combines a single speed coaster break with a more commute-friendly frame, and features a handmade cherry wood crate and leather top tube cover, as well as a board rack from Block Surf and your choice of Almond's sandia fish, pogie fish, kookumber, quadkumber, or sea kitten shortboards.

  • Pennwick Custom Golf Carts

    Whether you're a serious, everyday golfer or simply a lazy person who lives in a community where riding about on golf carts is acceptable, you can seriously up your game with one of these Pennwick Custom Golf Carts ($15,500 and up). Available in five styles — including the Ferrari-inspired F5, the Bentley-esque Brooklyn, and the classic hot rod-ish Smoothster — these unique mini whips are built atop new electric ClubCar chassis and feature heavy duty fiberglass bodies, a full compliment of lights, mirrors, and horns, and options like stereos, 15-inch rims, and leather seats.

  • Streets of Monaco Yacht

    Everyone has their favorite city, a place where they feel most at home whether or not they live there. But what if you could pack up that place and take it with you, basically anywhere you wanted to go? That's sort of the idea behind the Streets of Monaco Yacht (Around $1 Billion). This insane invention aims to recreate Europe's most notorious billionaire enclave with scaled down clones of iconic structures like the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, and even the Grand Prix course, functioning as a go-kart course on the deck of this 500-foot watercraft. Other features include multiple swimming pools, a multi-use court for basketball and tennis that doubles as a helipad, a submarine (!), an interior "oasis" area, space for up to 16 guests and 70 staff members, a spa, and, of course, a swim-up jacuzzi bar. All of which begs the question: how big does a yacht have to be before it becomes a city unto itself?

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