It's not easy being a hipster parent. At least, that's what Neal Pollack would have you believe in his latest work, Alternadad ($15). Pollack, known for his pop-culture classic The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature, takes a look at his transition from party-loving hipster to son-loving hipster parent with his typical direct style. Filled with tongue-in-cheek humor and heartfelt stories, this book is sure to be a treat for any of us scared to death at the thought of losing our cultural identity because of a little one.

  • Hip Sips

    Leading Portland mixologist Lucy Brennan lends her knowledge to drink-making hipsters everywhere with her new book Hip Sips ($12). This title offers up recipes on over 60 drinks with names like Guava Cosmos (a martini of passion fruit-infused citrus punch). The variety of drink combos of herbs, fruits and spirits will keep you a master bartender at home for many parties to come. Also, be sure to check out the favorite drink recipes from Uncrate readers.

  • The Cyclopedia

    If you're one of those people who need constant internet access to answer any question at any time, perhaps you should consider picking up Running Press Cyclopedia: The Ultimate Visual Reference Tool ($14). A pocket-sized wonder, the Cyclopedia features over 1,000 illustrations and more than 200,000 facts covering topics such as world history, science, arts, and the environment — it's like having a blazing-fast Treo in your pocket, but without the email, phone, or internet connection. Okay, maybe it's not like a Treo at all, but it's still damn cool.

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