Amazon Dash

For a long time, the technology to build a fridge that scans items when you're getting them out so it knows to order more has been available. But like with most old-school industries, fridge makers suck at technology. Amazon, fortunately, doesn't. And that's why they made Amazon Dash. This nifty — and free — gadget is designed to hang out in your kitchen, scanning or otherwise letting you say food items that you use throughout the week, automatically building your Amazon Fresh shopping list for you. Yes, it's the future — but for right now, it's only available in SoCal, SF, and Seattle.

  • Searzall

    While, admittedly, not everyone is going to necessarily find everyday applications for a product like the Searzall ($65), if you're a serious home cook (or small-time professional chef), you'll wonder how you ever did without it. It's a fixture for a standard blow-torch, making it much better suited for use with food by helping eliminate the torch-taste commonly found in foods seared with a torch. It works by forcing the flame through two layers of heat-proof mesh, largely reducing the flame to radiant heat, and letting it perfectly sear sous-vide foods, foie gras, fish, steak, burgers — really anything.

  • La Cafetiere Stovetop Espresso Pot

    If normal brewed coffee isn't always enough of a jolt to get you rolling in the morning, but you still don't like spending your mornings in long lines waiting for a latte, you should consider brewing your own espresso. The La Cafetiere Stovetop Espresso Pot ($30) easily brews six shots of espresso at a time on gas, electric, and radiant cooking surfaces. The soft touch handle makes it easy to use, even when it's hot, while the durable aluminum body endures years of brewing. It's the perfect way to brew strong espresso at home or at work, and avoid all the frustrations of the coffee shop — now all you have to do is learn to make your own triple venti soy no-foam latte.

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