Apollo Program Photobook

Our exploration of space, and our visits to the Moon, in particular, rank among some of humanity's greatest achievements. The Apollo Program Photobook gives you a first-hand view of missions VII - XVII. Each of the more than 225 images was restored from original scans of the 70mm film rolls shot by the astronauts themselves and is presented here with remarkable clarity. They run the gamut from views of the Earth from inside the Command Module to stark black and white shots of the lunar surface. In addition to the photos themselves, the book also contains a short essay written by Apollo VII crewman Walt Cunningham, as well background information on the modified Hasselblad equipment used to shoot them. Measuring nearly one foot by one foot, the clothbound book is available by itself or in a bundle with one of several select prints.

  • Insecta

    Charles Nesbit, a New York City-based commercial and editorial photographer, has turned his camera toward the small and strange for his new book, Insecta. The large-format photo book is an exploration of insect taxonomy, featuring close-up looks at species as varied as the common ladybug and the exotic jewel wasp. Each bug is accompanied by informative scientific text making it hugely informational as well as absorbing to browse through.

  • A.P.C. Transmission

    Founded 30 years ago, Atelier de Production et de Création was originally meant as a minimalist response to the general gaudiness of the 1980s. A.P.C. Transmission serves as a history and behind-the-scenes look at the brand, split into three sections. The first includes photos and material from founder Jean Touitou's early life, providing a glimpse into the brand's influences. The latter two cover notes and memos and sketches and archival materials, respectively, and the whole thing is capped with a foreword penned by Touitou himself.

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