Apple Solid Gold iPhone 5S

Sure, you can get your iPhone 5s in Apple's own gold finish, but so can just about anyone else with a few hundred dollars to throw around. If you really want to stand out from the crowd of folks poking at their devices all day, you need the Apple Solid Gold iPhone 5S ($3,300). Instead of the typical gold finish, this one comes in solid, 24-karat gold covering the edges, top, bottom, and back. You can also choose the platinum or rose gold additions — and if you're really feeling like showing off, go ahead and upgrade it with Swarovski style embellishments on the logo, bezel, and more.

  • KnowRoaming

    If you spend a lot of time traveling internationally, you know what a pain it can be to maintain a phone that works all over the world, without going broke doing it. KnowRoaming ($35) is an intelligent sticker and an iOS or Android app combination that makes traveling with your phone easier and cheaper. Just apply the sticker to the front of your SIM card, and it takes care of the rest — staying off until you need it, and switching on to prevent roaming charges internationally. The accompanying app lets you monitor your usage, while finding carriers internationally and allowing you to top up on minutes that never expire.

  • iPhone 5c

    Things just got a lot more colorful in Cupertino with the iPhone 5c ($100-$200), Apple's first iPhone made for the entry-level market. Available in either 16GB or 32GB models, the new colorful plastic phones will come in green, white, blue, red, and yellow, with custom Apple-made perforated cases available to show off their colorful shells. While most of the insides are the same as the previous model, its polycarbonate construction features steel reinforcement that also acts as an antenna. Expect a somewhat-faster A6 chip, and an improved front-facing camera. Pre-orders start September 13.

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