Army Survival

When it comes to holding your own in the wild, few groups know their stuff like the U.S. Army. Now you can tap into their wealth of knowledge with Army Survival. This handy app is based on the U.S. Army Field Manual 21-76, titled "Survival", and offers up information on survival psychology, edible and medicinal plants, poisonous plants, dangerous animals, insects, and other natural threats, shelters, wayfinding, and general survival tips for the desert, tropics, arctic, and sea, as well as a host of high-resolution images to make the standard manual even more useful. The only downside? The app can't keep your phone charged up if you're in the wilderness and actually need the info it contains.

  • Humin

    When the iPhone first launched, it gave us a whole new way to make phone calls and connect with people. But in the years since its launch, the Phone and Contact apps haven't changed a whole lot. Humin is out to fix this. By acting as a replacement for both apps, it gives you the ability to search your contacts on more natural terms — say, when/where you met them, where they live/work, or what they do, all by leaning on information from Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Gmail. It also gives you reminders on who you're scheduled to meet with, connects you with friends when you're traveling, and lets you know when friends are visiting nearby. Put simply, it's a smarter phone.

  • 1-Hour Photo

    Instant gratification — that's what a big part of the mobile experience is all about. Instant access to the Internet. Instant access to your friends. Etc. Which is what makes 1-Hour Photo so novel. This free app lets you shoot photos as soon as you open it, but with one big caveat — you can't see the results for an hour, as the app forces you to stay in the moment and applies a smooth black and white film emulation. It might not make sense, but it's also free, so you have little excuse to not give it a try.

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