You are probably aware that your sense of smell plays a huge role in how your food tastes. You probably weren't aware that there's a fork that lets you play around with scents without actually changing what's going in your mouth. The Aromafork features a slot for blotter paper built into the handle, letting you drop essences of 21 different aromas — sorted into Beans, Fruits, Herbs, Nuts, Spices, and Umami — and experiment with the relationship between your nose and your mouth.

  • Steaklocker

    One trip to a high-end steakhouse is all you need to convince yourself of the benefits of dry aging — and one look at a professional setup will convince you it's not worth the price. Luckily, there's the Steaklocker. Billed as the world's first at-home dry-aging fridge, it uses fan forced air technology and a host of sensors to keep your meat within safe temperatures and alert you (via app, of course) if they veer off course. It also looks great thanks to a stainless steel and glass build that will look right at home in any gourmet kitchen.

  • Mazama Camp Cup

    Inspired by the classic enamel camp cups of old, the Mazama Camp Cup is an easy way to add a touch of nostalgia to your next camping adventure. Available in 12 oz. and 8 oz. versions, these cups were designed to offer a grip that's both solid and comfortable, with tapered, unglazed feet that allow for nesting. Finally, a special glaze technique that uses two glaze colors creates that classic look, making your morning cup of joe that much more enjoyable.

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