Art Record Covers

Great artists usually create the most iconic album covers. And in Art Record Covers, the relationship between artists and the album covers they've contributed is explored. The book features 500 album covers and records by visual artists from the 1950s through today. Among those are classics like Mapplethorpe's portrait of Patti Smith for Horses, Takashi Murakami's work for Kanye West's Graduation, and a look at The Velvet Underground & Nico, arguably the most iconic album cover of all-time with artwork by Andy Warhol. Readers are also treated to interviews with creatives like Kim Gordon and Shepard Fairey along with insightful analysis and details about each album cover.

  • The Football Crest Index

    The crests of the Premier League's members are among the most recognizable team logos in sports. The Football Crest Index looks back on the history of all 47 teams to play in league since its 1992 inception through the lens of their team identities. Across from each team's history and logo sits an original, exclusive piece of artwork from a designer who supports the club, giving the spreads a personal feel you won't find in any book produced by impartial creators.

  • Wildside

    It's one thing to have a desire to go off-the-grid, and a totally different thing to go off-the-grid and thrive. Wildside: The Enchanted Life of Hunters and Gatherers is a book that focuses on those that retreat to nature and make the most of each moment. Explorers, mushroom pickers, and even people who collect honey from wild hives are profiled — complete with beautiful photography to make a step outside your comfort zone even more compelling. Wildside is the collective narrative of those who embrace nature and remind us of the potential adventures that await us every day.

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