Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos

Unless you belong to a highly trained, photogenic family — the Kennedys, for instance — you've probably been featured in more than one of these yourself. Awkward Family Photos ($9) is a coffee table edition of the hilarious blog, featuring over two hundred new intimate family moments that will have you laughing or else staring in amazement for hours on end. Spread the Awkwardness.

  • Why Didn't I Think of That?

    Coat hangers. Sliced bread. Bottled water. These simple yet successful inventions are among the 101 chronicled in Anthony Rubino Jr.'s cleverly funny Why Didn't I Think of That? ($10). This 224-page book looks at the complexity behind these common goods, while offering up tons of questionably useful trivia and imparting some possibly needed advice to future inventors. You won't find this one listed in the academic section, but it's perfectly fine for light coffee table or bathroom break reading.

  • Lawnscapes

    You don't need to pour money into professional landscapers, exotic plants, and marble lawn gnomes to make your yard look tacky great: all you really need is a lawnmower. At least, that's what Lawnscapes ($10) will tell you. By following the 20 different cutting patterns and other tips found within this Astroturf-covered, 80-page primer, you can mow yourself a perfect yard — provided you haven't neglected your way to a Tatooine-like dirt mound, of course.

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