Bacon Playing Cards

From the Baconery — the guys who brought us 23k Gold Chocolate Bacon — comes another bacon creation, Bacon Playing Cards ($10). Operating under the correct assumption that everything is better when you add a little bacon, they have created a completely bacon-themed set of playing cards, manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company (the same company responsible for Bicycle and Bee cards). The deck features cute pig face cards, colorful designs, and quotes about that perfect meat. No matter what game you play with them, we recommend enjoying it with a side of bacon.

  • Metrodeck Playing Cards

    New York City residents and tourists alike will appreciate these Metrodeck Playing Cards ($550) as a piece of Empire City memorabilia. Made from found subway fare cards and inspired by famous landmarks across the city, these playing cards are screen-printed in enamel ink, with four colors on each face card. Highlights include a Brooklyn Bridge King of Hearts, an Empire State Building King of Diamonds and a Statue of Liberty Queen of Hearts. Each of the 40 decks varies slightly from the other, and comes in a letterpressed, die-cut box.

  • Lego Star Wars Ewok Village

    Whether it's destroying Stormtroopers' speeder bikes, Leia kissing her brother, or the creepy celebration after the battle for the forest moon of Endor, you can bring your favorite Episode VI scenes to life with the Lego Star Wars Ewok Village ($250). This gigantic set (nearly 2,000 pieces) is full of surprises and treats for fans. It comes with 17 minifigs — including three never-before-seen Ewoks, and new looks for Luke and Leia — a catapult, speeder bike, plenty of lightsabers, blasters, and spears, and even a levitating throne for C-3PO. Expect the set in stores by September. Until then, we'll be watching Return of the Jedi on repeat.

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