Baladeo Le Retro Knife

With a design that originated in north-central France in the 1950s, the Baladeo Le Retro Knife offers a great mix of style and utility. Two blades, a saw, a can opener, a punch, a corkscrew, a piercing tool, and, of course, a bottle opener are all available inside its stainless steel body, which is finished off with a true blonde horn handle. It's not the most versatile multifunction knife we've ever seen, but it also won't leave you looking like you're geared up for an adventure when all you're doing is heading to the local coffee shop.

  • Ka-Bar Hobo Knife

    Forget packing a whole slew of silverware when you head out into the wilderness — all you really need is this Ka-Bar Hobo Knife ($19). Like any quality transient tool, it packs multiple uses into a single punch, as it contains a fork, knife, and spoon all into a single stainless steel package, sliding apart for when you find some excellent dumpster fare are ready to eat, and transforming back into a pocket-friendly shape when you're on the move. It even comes with a nylon carrying case to keep it safe when it's in your bag/bindle.

  • Emerson Multitasker EDC Multi-Tool

    You never know when a situation will call for more than just your average pocket folding knife, and it's always better to come prepared than wish you had. The Emerson Multitasker EDC Multi-Tool ($185) is built with your every day carry in mind, so you'll never be caught wishing you'd packed something more substantial. It features a three-inch blade, phillips and standard screwdrivers, a punch, and more, all packed into an under seven-inch handle that weighs less than a half pound. An additional clip-on tool includes wrenches of various sizes, pry bars, scrapers, and a bottle opener.

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