Baladeo Mushroom Knife

Do your 'shroom hunting the right way — without damaging the underground infrastructure — with the Baladeo Mushroom Knife. This specialized tool features a curved blade made from 420 stainless steel, a solid zebra wood handle, an Integrated wild boar hair brush for removing dirt, a pair of thorn-removing tweezers that nest into the handle, and a black nylon sheath for safe carrying.

  • Finisterre Cold Water Surf Knife

    When you do anything out in cold water — whether you're surfing, fishing, swimming, sailing, or working — you know how tough it can be to do anything with freezing hands. That's why the Finisterre Cold Water Surf Knife was built to be easy to handle, with a large pull loop, lanyard, and a wide handle that fits comfortably in any hand. Made from spanish oak and high-quality stainless steel, this durable, useful knife sports a range of tools including a fin key, a screwdriver, can and bottle openers, and a small blade. So the next time you hit the water, make sure you don't leave without one of these in your pocket.

  • Workerman Kut Knives

    They're not made to handle a crazy number of different tasks, but if you just want a simple, elegant cutting tool, it's hard to go wrong with one of these Workerman Kut Knives. These knives feature a simple shape, with a carbon steel Svörd blade that's hand forged in New Zealand and treated with a forced patina to give it a unique look and protect it from rust. They also feature hand-shaped handles made from various woods, acrylic spines in different designs, and an adjustable pivot screw so you can set the tension to match your preference.

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