Balcony Grill

Think your tiny apartment balcony precludes you from getting your grill on this summer? Think again. The Balcony Grill (€60; roughly $80) is designed to hang on common flowerpot supports, clearing way for chairs, tables, or just more people. It's crafted from stainless steel, and features a sleek black paint job and a cooking area of roughly 161 square inches.

  • Stuff-A-Burger Press

    Stuffed burgers can certainly be delicious — but if you've ever tried making them, you probably know they can be a little difficult to build. The Stuff-A-Burger Press ($12) makes it easy. This plastic burger press comes with plates that help you create half-pound or three-quarter-pound stuffed burgers with ease. Of course, you still need a way to keep them together once they hit the grill — so if you don't already have a grilling basket, you might want to order the complete set ($24) that includes both the press and the basket, giving you everything you need to become the neighborhood's burger champ.

  • Grillain Villains Aprons

    Let your guests know who's boss by hosting your next cookout in one of these Grillain Villains Aprons ($75-$100). These clever cooking aprons are available in styles inspired by a number of iconic bad guys, including Boba Fett, the Joker, Krang from TMNT, Two-Face, Deadpool, and Stormtroopers. As an added bonus, they give you an easy way to weed out the non-geeks at your function, simply by keeping track of who asks you "What is that supposed to be?"

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