Ballpark Diamonds

You might not associate Major League Baseball stadiums with art that deserves a place on your walls, but Ballpark Diamonds are certainly worthy. These mini stadium sculptures are made using a single layer of oak, and are each assembled by hand. A custom frame is then added and they're ready to hang. To start, Busch Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park, and Kaufmann Stadium are the only parks available, but there is a special option to have a custom stadium built, past or present, if you can't wait for the rest to roll out.

  • Velociraptor Claw

    Nope, it's not the prop Dr. Alan Grant used to scare the annoying little kid at the beginning of Jurassic Park. Instead, this Velociraptor Claw is the real deal. Discovered in Mongolia, this Cretaceous Period artifact is estimated to be between 71-75 million years old, and unlike most fossils, represents one of its genus' defining features. Elaborate stand and/or display cabinet not included.

  • Nirvana Nevermind Outtakes

    Nearly 25 years later, Nirvana endures as one of the greatest rock bands of their generation. And Outtake Photos from Nevermind, the iconic album that launched the Seattle grungers into the stratosphere, are proof of their continual acclaim. Austin photographer Kirk Weddle was commissioned for the promotional shoot and decided to put the band underwater to mimic the infamous naked baby album cover photo he'd shot as well. The outtakes from the collection hadn't seen the light of day since the shoot, and each comes hand numbered and signed. Once 50 of each are sold, they won't be re-printed or repeated, making this an exclusive chance to own a piece of rock history.

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