Bamboo Bottle

Bamboo Bottle

Unsatisfied with Sigg's sometimes garish designs but thirsting for a eco-friendly, plastic-free water bottle? The Bamboo Bottle ($25) might be just what you're looking for. It's constructed from multiple materials, including a glass interior, BPA-free, food-grade certified plastic for the cap, nut, and bottom, and a main exterior made from bamboo, a material that's as renewable as the water that goes inside. [Thanks, Marcus]

  • Water Walking Ball

    Perform your own Wayne Coyne-like stunts or just live out your own messianic daydreams inside the Water Walking Ball ($500). Made from TPU, this ultra-clear ball keeps you in and the water out using a waterproof, air-tight zipper, giving you peace of mind that you're sure to suffocate and die should you fall asleep inside and drift out to sea.

  • Outcast Float Tubes

    Who said you need to haul a huge boat behind your truck just to do some on-the-water fishing? Outcast Float Tubes ($350-$500) are lightweight, inflatable watercraft that feature integrated seats, durable construction, optional anchor systems, space for bags on the arms, and oversized apron stays. As an added bonus, you'll be paddling yourself, so it might keep you from gaining an unwanted fisherman's gut.

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