Bank Heist Kickstarter

Pretty-boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie and Clyde, and John Dillinger all had something in common — they were each cat hoarders they each went to jail for bank robbery. Maybe if they had Kickstarter funding, they wouldn't have ended up behind bars. The Bank Heist Kickstarter ($150) is the first of its kind to attempt to solve that problem. Well, okay, it's not a real bank heist, it's an elaborate art project and exhibition based on years of research into what it would take to successfully rob five Los Angeles banks. The exhibition will include short films, models, photographs and other media to help tell the story.

  • Louder Than Hell

    If you don't like to listen to your music loud, then this book isn't for you. Crank the Slayer up to 11 and pick up a copy of Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal ($21). This book covers the spectrum of metal's loudest and wildest with interviews of over 250 bands ranging from Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden to Metallica and Megadeth. Also hear from family, industry execs, and journalists — and from the people who knew them best (groupies, drug dealers). Nearly 50 pages of full-color photography bring to life the world of Nu Metal, Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Metalcore, and more. Warn the neighbors, because it's gonna get loud.

  • The Audacity of Hops

    Most of us at this point have tried several craft beers, and many of us liked them enough to switch almost exclusively away from the Bud Lights of the world. But few know the real history behind their rise to prominence. The Audacity of Hops ($14) chronicles that story from the 1960s through to today, based on interviews with the most influential folks in craft brewing, tons of research, and, we'll go ahead and assume, a healthy amount of beer drinking. Filled with amusing anecdotes and sometimes surprising facts, it's a must-read for any beer lover.

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