Barbecook Banika Grill

Barbecook Banika Grill

Proper spit roasting doesn't require a complex, do-everything grill. The Barbecook Banika Grill ($900) is a pro-level, cast iron and stainless steel rotisserie-style grill with several unique features to ensure healthy, properly-cooked food. The vertical fire basket sits behind the electric spit, keeping your foodstuffs away from direct contact with the flame, while an easy-clean tray at the bottom collects burnt-off fat and lets it cool off instead of allowing it to flare up in the fire, and an included grilling basket lets you handle burgers or fish as easily as you can cook up larger pieces of meat.

  • Bodum Fyrkat Portable Grill

    Think the style of your grill is as important as the taste of the meals it makes? Then the Bodum Fyrkat Portable Grill ($50) should be right up your alley. Available in a host of bright colors like orange, green, yellow, and blue, its unusual looks will draw you in as quickly as the smells emanating from within, while the grillmaster keeps things under control with the matching grill tools.

  • Lodge Sportsman's Grill

    Is the $30 portable grill you got in college not cutting it for you anymore? Step up your tailgating with the Lodge Sportsman's Grill ($95). Made from rugged, even-heating cast iron, this hibachi-style meat burner features a pre-seasoned cast iron cooking grate, a draft door for controlling the heat from those happily-glowing charcoals, and a built in carrying handle. As an added bonus, you'll get to work off a few of those beers you're downing by just moving the 30 pound beast around.

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