BBQ Branding Iron

Put your mark on that perfect piece of meat — no that's not what we mean — with the DCI BBQ Branding Iron ($18). This metal and wood branding iron is the perfect addition to your collection of grilling tools. It includes the entire alphabet (plus extras and spacers), so you can write just about any message you think of. Letters easily slide onto the rack, with no need for additional tools. Stake a claim to that porterhouse, or amuse your friends with your favorite Ron Swanson-ism ("You had me at meat tornado").

  • BBQ Dragon

    We all know the deal — gas grills get going instantly, while charcoal imparts more flavor but can take a while to warm up. Or at least it used to. The BBQ Dragon ($50) is a new grilling gadget that starts charcoal faster than a traditional chimney by blowing large amounts of low-velocity air at the fire. Capable of starting a charcoal grill in just 10 minutes — without the need for lighter fluid — it also works great for campfires, fireplaces, wood stoves, and smokers, all while giving you more precise control over the temperature. Expected to arrive in August, or just in time for Labor Day cookouts.

  • Balcony Grill

    Think your tiny apartment balcony precludes you from getting your grill on this summer? Think again. The Balcony Grill (€60; roughly $80) is designed to hang on common flowerpot supports, clearing way for chairs, tables, or just more people. It's crafted from stainless steel, and features a sleek black paint job and a cooking area of roughly 161 square inches.

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