BCX Furies Throwing Knives

Throwing knives, whether it be at playing cards, tree trunks, animals, or (especially) people, is serious business. Show your commitment to the craft with this set of BCX Furies Throwing Knives. The pack includes two frontier-inspired knives and one Pro X Thrower, all made from forged high carbon steel and giving you enough variety to become quite the hurler. They all arrive in a handsome, handcrafted heavy canvas roll with leather scales, point pockets, flaps, and straps — a fittingly rugged yet refined accessory for a wilderness-friendly skill.

  • Baladeo Le Retro Knife

    With a design that originated in north-central France in the 1950s, the Baladeo Le Retro Knife offers a great mix of style and utility. Two blades, a saw, a can opener, a punch, a corkscrew, a piercing tool, and, of course, a bottle opener are all available inside its stainless steel body, which is finished off with a true blonde horn handle. It's not the most versatile multifunction knife we've ever seen, but it also won't leave you looking like you're geared up for an adventure when all you're doing is heading to the local coffee shop.

  • Scrimshaw Knife Kit

    Make your next pocket folder truly your own with the Scrimshaw Knife Kit. Based on the early American art form perfected by whalers out at sea who carved into the bones and teeth of whales, this kit comes with everything you need to scrimshaw an image into the handle of your knife. The kit comes with either a lock-back or trapper style knife, each with a bone handle ready for your artwork. It includes a steel point scribe, india ink, a bamboo tracing tool, carbon paper, steel wool, and sample pictures with instructions for carving. Whether you choose a classic aquatic-inspired sketch or your own initials, no other knife will be quite like yours.

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