Beefeater 24

Beefeater 24

Created by the world's most experienced gin distiller and boasting 12 different botanicals, handcrafted Beefeater 24 ($30) might just be our new favorite gin. 24's proprietary blend includes hand-prepared grapefruit, almond, Japanese sencha and Chinese green teas, creating a balanced, nuanced sprit that is perfect for mixing, in martinis, or one the rocks by itself.

  • Tru Blood

    Show your fang affiliation by stocking your fridge with Tru Blood ($16). Based on the synthetic blood drink favored by the more civilized vampires of HBO's True Blood, this carbonated real-world version packs a slightly sweet, slightly tart blood orange flavor and a rich red color that will have guests wondering if you're drinking the real thing.

  • Root

    Ever wonder where root beer came from? Well, it used to be root tea, an alcoholic drink the settlers picked up from the Native Americans — but prohibition ended all of that, so it was drained of its alcohol and rechristened "root beer." Now you can get a taste of the original, organic, and very alcoholic tea with Root ($39). Made from birch bark, black tea, spearmint, sugar cane, and other natural ingredients, every sip is like a step back in time.

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