Behind Bars: Surviving Prison

Behind Bars: Surviving Prison

As much as we hope we never end up there, the possibility always exists that you or someone you know could end up in the slammer. Behind Bars: Surviving Prison by Jeffrey Ian Ross & Stephen C. Richards ($11) imparts all kinds of wisdom only those who have seen the inside could know — wisdom that could save your tail should some unforeseen circumstances (like that huge pile of NetFlix DVDs you’ve been copying) put you in trouble with the law. [via Cool Tools]

  • Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

    This book will definitely help you become the local MacGyver in your neck of the woods. Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things ($8) has over 80 easy tricks for creating cool stuff out of ordinary items. With the book, you'll learn how to do things like generate battery power with simple household items, turn a penny into a radio, make a fire extinguisher out of kitchen supplies, and thwart intruders with a single rubber band. Sweeeet.

  • The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

    For anyone that grew up reading the funny pages in the 80’s, the characters of Calvin and Hobbes are undeniably etched into our collective conscious. The Complete Calvin and Hobbes ($100, available Oct. 4) catalogs ten years of comic strip genius, and the introduction gives us insight into Bill Watterson’s struggles with the strip, including his fight to keep Calvin’s legacy from being reduced to the “boy who pees on things” stickers. A must have.

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