Behringer iNuke Boom

"Why, yes, that is an iPhone docked on top of that sideways refrigerator. Would you like to hear it? Okay, just stand way, way, way over there, because the 10,000 Watts being pumped out by the Behringer iNuke Boom ($30,000) — no, it's not really a fridge, and I heard that every time someone says 'nuke' and 'fridge' in the same sentence, an Ewok dies — are likely to bust your eardrums. What's that? You'd like to take it outside? Well good luck, pal — it weighs 700 pounds. Why don't we just turn it up louder, and run to the door before the song starts? Sounds like a plan."

  • Mophie Outdoor Juice Pack Plus

    If you spend a lot of time outdoors, odds are you could use some extra battery power for your iPhone. So why not get it from something that's designed for away-from-desk use? The Mophie Outdoor Juice Pack Plus ($120) fits the bill, providing up to eight extra hours of talk time or seven hours of Internet use over 3G, and featuring a fittingly-colored orange and green case, as well as included GPS software to make sure you don't get lost out there.

  • Swivl

    Remember that crazy Sony dock that swiveled around, tracking faces and taking pictures while you chilled? Well, the Swivl ($160) is kinda like that, only it works with iOS devices, so it's useful to a helluva lot more people. Instead of tracking faces, the Swivl follows a paired marker, twisting side-to-side and tilting forwards and backwards to make sure you're in frame. It connects via Dock Connector to allow for remote control of the action, and also includes a tripod adapter, so you can use it with your existing pocket cam. Now if the photo's off, you've got someone else to blame.

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