Bellerby & Co. Globes

It's easy forget when loading up Google Earth on any of the dozen devices you have laying around, but interactive maps of the world were once cherished works of art. Bellerby & Co. Globes take you back to that time with an artistry and attention to detail that's unheard of in modern times. Each of their globes is made by hand in their North London studio, rotates fully on a custom base, and features up-to-date maps that might seem as quaint in the future as their 19th-century counterparts do now.

  • Silver Army Men

    Pretty much anyone over the age of 30 had a set of green plastic army men to play with when they were young. These Silver Army Men are just like that, only made out of metal, and based on the original Vietnam-era toys from Louis Marx & Co. The lineup includes everyone from the "Follow Me" M16 soldier to the mine sweeper, each cast in solid sterling silver, complete with bases for the standing figurines. Available individually or as a complete squadron.

  • Velociraptor Claw

    Nope, it's not the prop Dr. Alan Grant used to scare the annoying little kid at the beginning of Jurassic Park. Instead, this Velociraptor Claw is the real deal. Discovered in Mongolia, this Cretaceous Period artifact is estimated to be between 71-75 million years old, and unlike most fossils, represents one of its genus' defining features. Elaborate stand and/or display cabinet not included.

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