Benchmade Custom Knife Builder

Your knife should feel like an extension of you — after all, you carry it with you everywhere you can — and it's in that spirit that the guys at Benchmade bring you the Custom Knife Builder. Choose from four folding knife styles to start with, determine what type of steel you want your blade to be made from, then customize the blade type, choosing from various serrated and straight edges. From there, you can add personalized text, add in your own images, and select from a number of printed patterns for the blade. Finally, decide your handle color, component color, and clip style. With so many options, odds are there's never going to be a knife out there quite like yours.

  • SOG Flashback Knife

    When every single second counts, you need a knife that opens fast, really fast — the SOG Flashback Knife. The fastest-opening assisted knife available, it features high tension coil springs that power it open almost instantly, and a piston lock keeps the knife safely open. It features a 3.5-inch blade made from AUS 8 stainless steel with a black tini-coated finish and an ergonomic handle made from glass-reinforced nylon and stainless steel. Durable construction, quick opening, and a comfortable grip make this the ideal knife to carry every day, while making it reliable and consistent.

  • Gerber Blade Money Clip

    Some days call for a slimmer carry than your everyday load out — forcing you to leave behind the junk that typically bulks up your pockets — but that doesn't mean you should leave the house completely unprepared. With the Gerber Blade Money Clip you get a portable alternative for carrying a few cards and some cash with a small built-in knife that would make a boy scout proud. Made from a titanium-nitride-coated steel body with a G10 front plate, this money clip is capable of holding up to five cards at a time. The blade slips into the money clip, disguised by its less than four-inch length, and it still manages to weigh less than a quarter of a pound.

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