Best Flashlight Ever

Best Flashlight Ever

What would make a flashlight the best ever? Waterproofing? Cool materials? LED lights? Killer battery life? Well, the Best Flashlight Ever ($70) covers all those bases. Based on a Streamlight LED core, it features a hand carved wooden handle, a threaded steel head that adds tons of versatility, and cleverly placed o-rings for waterproofiness.

  • DeWalt 5-In-1 Hacksaw

    Guess who started making hand tools? The DeWalt 5-In-1 Hacksaw ($25) is part of the legendary brand's new line of hand tools, bringing the same toughness as their battery-powered brethren. This particular specimen features a reversible blade that offers up to 330 pounds of 90 degree slicing on one side and 45 degree flush cuts on the other, a removable nose piece that lets it function as a low-profile hacksaw, a blade storage compartment that holds a reciprocating saw blade, and the ability to serve as a pistol-grip jab saw for cutting drywall.

  • Thor Ice Scraper

    What better name for a burly ice scraper than that of a Nordic god-turned-comic hero? The Thor Ice Scraper ($20) drops the hammer on ice and snow with a double-blade design so you can scrape with forward and backward motions, a front handle for added force, a telescoping arm so you can reach all the way across your vehicle with ease, and a front plow for blasting away snow. [Scouted by Bruce]

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