Big Green Egg MiniMax Grill

Get all the legendary cooking prowess in a more manageable size with the Big Green Egg MiniMax Grill. This diminutive grill stands less than 20" tall, yet still manages to pack 133 square inches of cooking area inside, and uses the same patented air flow system to give you precise control over temps, whether you're grilling, smoking, or baking. It's also made from the same high-quality ceramics as its bigger siblings, so it's built to last, but still weighs nearly 100 lbs — making it less "portable" and more "movable" than its size would suggest.

  • Otto O.F.B. Steak Griller

    There's nothing more sacred than a perfectly cooked ribeye. The Otto O.F.B. Steak Griller is promising just that without leaving the house. Using radiant instead of convection heat, a pair of infrared gas units capable of 1,700º temps give your meat the steakhouse crust you long for while keeping the inside a juicy medium rare. A solid cast iron grid distributes the heat evenly and can hold the biggest Porthouse your butcher can dish out. And the grill isn't limited to just steaks — you can throw on burgers, chicken, fish, or whatever's hanging out in your meat tray.

  • Relic Portable Brick Oven

    Sure you can cook pizzas in your outdoor grill but you won't get that perfectly charred crust without an authentic brick oven. Crafted from layered heat-proof composite stone, the Relic Portable Brick Oven is composed of three interlocking pieces, giving you the mobility lacking in traditional brick and mortar ovens. Multiple high-temperature cores paired with a custom chimney design ensure you reach and maintain the perfect pizza-baking temp. Two different bases give you the freedom to bake on tailgates, picnic tables, your Weber grill, or wherever Neapolitan-style pies are needed.

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