Bike 6-Pack Holder

Bike 6-Pack Holder

Okay, so maybe it's actually designed to hold pike polo mallets — but that doesn't mean the Bike 6-Pack Holder ($22) isn't great for holding a sudsy surprise. This leather frame cinch adjusts to secure just about anything to your bike's top tube, making it perfect for carrying a little liquid refreshment. Just remember to let your cargo settle before opening, unless you like beer showers.

  • Misa Kitara Digital Guitar

    Say hello to the next generation of instruments. The Misa Kitara Digital Guitar ($850) melds the traditional guitar shape with new technology to create an instrument that's instantly familiar and yet unlike anything you've played before. In place of the bridge sits an eight-inch multitouch screen which allows for a wide range of playing techniques, while buttons on the fretboard serve up the notes from the built-in database of more than one hundred sounds — and if that's not enough for you, you can always use the Kitara as a MIDI controller. Coming soon to a stage near you.

  • Garmin Tracker

    Have a pet, kid, luggage, vehicle, or scandalous wife you need to keep track of? Grab yourself a Garmin Tracker ($200). This tiny GPS locator is both lightweight and waterproof, attaching easily to a backpack, pet collar, or rear seat headrest. With it you get one year of standard tracking, which lets you see its location via computer or via app, the latter of which also allows you to draw a geofence, complete with email or SMS notifications when the Tracker leaves your designated area — kinda like a shock collar fence, but without the inhumane treatment.

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