Bison Airlighter

When normal lighters, matches, and fire-starter sticks won't quite get the job done, you need something a little more powerful — something like the Bison Airlighter. Capable of emitting a four-inch jet-powered flame, this lighter ignites charcoal and wood quickly, then blowing air rapidly over the fire to help it grow. Capable of igniting coals and wood without lighter fluid in just seconds, and producing a full-fledged fire in mere minutes, this lighter can have you ready to cook in only six minutes. Powered by batteries and butane, this lighter also features a USB charger port, a flashlight, a child-safety lock, and even a bottle opener.

  • Pit Barrel Cooker

    Get perfectly cooked meat in less time with the Pit Barrel Cooker. Built around a 30 gallon steel drum, this "vertical cooker" combines the qualities of a smoker and a slow cooker, resulting in flavorful, tender meat without the need to constantly check on the temperature or smoke levels. Included in the kit are the drum, eight stainless steel hooks and two steel hanging rods for hanging cuts of meat, a charcoal basket, a grill grate, a wooden hook remover, a stand, and two packs of delicious rubs.

  • Grillbot

    Grilling outside? Nice weather? Good company? Tasty food? All great things. Cleaning your grill after a summertime get together? Pretty much as far removed from that as possible. Which is why they created the Grillbot. This automatic grill cleaning robot features three wire brushes attached to three strong electric motors that work together to clean away burnt-on crud, an alarm and timer to let you know when it's finished, a smart CPU that controls the movement, speed, and direction of the brushes, a rechargeable battery, and dead-simple push-button operation.

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