Bitter Brew

Whether or not you choose to pop open a can or two of Budweiser on the weekends (or after a long day's work) is one thing — but there's no denying that you've come across one of Anheuser-Busch's brews at some point in your drinking career. Chronicling the tale of this American brewing giant, Bitter Brew: The Rise and Fall of Anheuser-Busch and America's Kings of Beer ($20) tells the story of how the Busch family rose to dominate the American beer market, for better or for worse. This story, spanning across three centuries, is one of dynasty, capitalism, innovation, success, and failure, and after you finish it, you'll never look at a bottle of Bud the same way.

  • National Geographic: Around The World In 125 Years

    For those not lucky enough to have seen every corner of the globe first-hand, National Geographic Magazine has been our window to the world through its incredible photographs covering every locale from Timbuktu to Tuvalu. And now many of the greatest photos from over a century of reporting have been reproduced in the form of National Geographic: Around The World In 125 Years ($500). This three-volume, nearly-1,500 page photographic anthology contains photos ranging from their earliest work in black-and-white autochrome to their most recent digital photography, spanning each continent. Each photo creates a portrait of life, culture, wildlife, and scenery documenting every facet of our planet, in a way only National Geographic photographers can.

  • Bentley: The Book

    Rarely do incredible performance and iconic design go hand-in-hand — but throughout its years, the British carmaker has managed to combine powerful cars with stunning aesthetics in a way that few have been able to match. Bentley: The Book ($90) chronicles nearly a century of their efforts at building unmistakeable cars, from James Bond's first, the Bentley 4½ Litre, to the modern-day marvel, the Bentley Continental GT. With beautiful photographs accompanied by detailed essays on the history of the cars, this hardcover book will be the perfect complement to any British car enthusiast's coffee table.

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