Black & White Bike

Designed by Antwerp's Eltipo Graphic, this Black & White Bike is a fixie that's sadly one-of-a-kind. The concept was built for the pop-up shop CNT DWN, and creates outstanding contrast by coating one half of the bike in glossy white while the other section is done in matte black. It's finished with laser-engraved leather on the seat and grips, the lone source of detail on the satisfyingly simple project.

Photos: Greg Smolders / Eltipo Graphic

  • Ellipse Smart Bike Lock

    Biking instead of driving to work is smart. So is the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock. It keeps your bike secure without the need for keys, unlocking over Bluetooth when your phone is in range, or via a hidden touchpad. A built-in accelerometer can send you alerts if your bike is disturbed and alert others should you crash, and a built-in solar panel keeps the battery charged up. Dual locking mechanisms — one on each side — provide the last leg of security, making a thief cut through the 17mm thick steel bar twice to make off with your wheels.

  • Lexus Sport Yacht

    Curious as to what a Lexus vessel might look like, Toyota motors president Akio Toyoda decided to go ahead and build one. The Lexus Sport Yacht is the result. Created by the Lexus Design Center and built by Marquis-Carver in Wisconsin, this 42-foot, eight passenger yacht has the same combination of power and luxury as the company's cars. It's powered by a pair of 5.0L V8 engines producing 880 total hp, enough to hit speeds of up to 43 knots, helped along by CFRP construction that saves more than a ton over a fiberglass build. The cockpit is home to a color touchscreen that lets the pilot monitor and control all aspects of the ship, and high-end finishes of leather, wood, and glass offer the same comforts you'll find in Lexus' land-locked transports.

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