Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground Coffee

It's the holy grail for coffee lovers: convenient, pre-ground coffee that tastes just like the stuff from the local shop. That's what Blue Bottle Perfectly Ground Coffee promises to deliver. Using a patent-pending hermetical sealing and packaging process, the company creates pre-packaged coffee that tastes as if it was ground just minutes beforehand. The lineup will consist of several constant blends and a rotating selection of single-origin beans, and will be available for pour overs, French press, Aeropress, and traditional coffee makers, with bags ground specifically for your preferred brewing method.

Presented by Blue Bottle Coffee.

Photos: Clay McLachlan / Blue Bottle Coffee

  • Grady's Cold Brew Pouch

    Iced coffees are the best way to stay caffeinated during the summer months, but dumping your hot coffee over some ice isn't going to cut it. Grady's Cold Brew Pouch is making your life a lot easier by supplying everything you need to make your own concentrate. The kit includes 12 bags filled with ground coffee beans, chicory, and spices and a "Pour and Store" pouch. Dump some water over the bag and let soak it overnight in the pouch. By the time you get up, an icy morning pick-me-up will waiting for you in your fridge.

  • Pergamino Coffee

    The freshest way to get any good is straight from the source. Between long travel times and the many stops along the way, by the time your beans make it to your mug they're actually several months old. Pergamino Coffee is taking a farm to table approach to give you the freshest coffee possible. Their beans are grown by small producers throughout Colombia and roasted in small batches not far from the farms in Medellín. From there, they're shipped straight to your doorstep. A minimum order of two pounds keeps the shipping cost low, so choose between three different profiles, ranging from their signature sweet and mild to a blend of cranberries and vanilla, or mix and match.

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