BMW Active Hybrid e-Bike

Design and attention to detail have always been high priorities at BMW. And those same values continue to translate to their growing line of electric bikes. The Active Hybrid is the latest release, with an impressive range of up to 62 miles on a single charge. Riders can adjust the degree of pedal assistance using a new display and choose from four different power modes with a maximum push of to up 275%. The e-bike also features a saddle designed for the requirements of e-bikers, front-mounted headlight and rear-mounted LED indicator, and a micro USB port and Bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone.

  • Baglietto Sestante Yacht

    Developed in partnership with Dutch firm Mulder Design, the Baglietto Sestante Yacht combines speed with comfort. The 230-foot concept has a distinct hull designed for high-speed cruising, which, combined with a Voith Linear Jet system, lets the craft hit speeds of over 25 knots without disturbing those aboard. Speaking of which, it offers plenty of outdoor space, with a pool on the upper deck, as well as two VIP suites with their own balconies and a generous owner's stateroom.

  • Delfast e-Bike

    Most e-bikes might top out at 100 miles on a single charge. But the makers of the Delfast e-bike claim their new bike has a range of 236 miles. That's more than many electric cars currently on the market. Made by a courier company in Ukraine the bike also has a mobile app with GPS, signaling, remote start, and enough power to charge your smartphone with its 2xUSB charger. It weighs under 100 pounds and includes electric assist that maxes out at around 35mph.

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