Bohemian Oil Can Guitars

Tired of playing the same old axes as everyone else? Consider pickup up one of these Bohemian Oil Can Guitars ($250-$350). They're available in two styles — Boho and Vintage — with the former featuring new parts, and the latter born from antique oil cans and lunchboxes, with parts sourced from used instruments. As you might imagine, the Vintage series tends to be the more interesting, as each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. No matter which you choose, you'll end up with a fully-functional electric guitar that's far more interesting than your average Strat knockoff.

  • Qumarion Humanoid Input Device

    We don't expect there's a huge market for the Qumarion Humanoid Input Device ($TBA), but if you happen to be one of those people who could use it, it will likely be a game changer. Like the ubiquitous artist models, the Qumarion is a posable, human-like figure — but unlike the artist models, it communicates directly with a computer. As a result, you can use the Qumarion to move and pose on-screen 3D characters, making once challenging poses and movements as simple as adjusting an action figure. Great for animators, illustrators, or people who just enjoy collecting unusual gadgets.

  • Propellerhead Balance

    Home studio recording just got simpler with the Propellerhead Balance ($450). This sleek, Red Dot-winning breakout box offers eight input connections — two high impedance guitar and bass inputs with pads, four line inputs, and two microphone preamps with phatom power — as well as balanced outputs and a powerful headphone amplifier. It connects to your computer via USB, and includes Reason Essentials, a fully-functional "basics"-style version of the company's award-winning Reason recording software. All you need are some instruments, a computer, and talent.

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