Boker Plus Albatros Knife

Thick, robust, and sturdy, the Boker Plus Albatros Knife is made to withstand some serious punishment, getting you through a range of cutting tasks and never letting you down in the process. Built around a five millimeter thick steel blade that sports a bulbous edge and a slightly-hollow grind, it measures nearly seven inches when folded out. The blade is housed within two thick plates of titanium that feature a titanium clip and a lanyard hole for convenient pocket carrying and retrieval. This durable titanium frame also functions as a lock, keeping the knife safely open while you work.

  • Case Hobo Knife

    Never be forced to use crappy plastic silverware again with the Case Hobo Knife. Featuring an amber bone handle and made in the USA from surgical steel, this handy pocketable tool features a sharp blade, a fork, and a spoon, all built into a foldable body that allows the utensils to detach for eating/cleaning. Just don't equate it's humble purpose with cheapness or lack of quality — while it might be designed for a hobo, it's definitely not priced for one.

  • BCX Furies Throwing Knives

    Throwing knives, whether it be at playing cards, tree trunks, animals, or (especially) people, is serious business. Show your commitment to the craft with this set of BCX Furies Throwing Knives. The pack includes two frontier-inspired knives and one Pro X Thrower, all made from forged high carbon steel and giving you enough variety to become quite the hurler. They all arrive in a handsome, handcrafted heavy canvas roll with leather scales, point pockets, flaps, and straps — a fittingly rugged yet refined accessory for a wilderness-friendly skill.

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